Ichabod is a server process which accepts POSTed HTML and can rasterize (eg. render images) and evaluate JS in that HTML document. There is a focus on rendering speed.

  • Fast rasterization of HTML. See the getting started section and the benchmarks.
  • JSON API See the API documentation.
  • Javascript interface for rasterization functions
  • Animated output using giflib. See some example usage.
  • High quality animated output using mediancut and other diffusion methods.
  • Python bindings. See the python bindings and the iPython walkthrough.
  • X11 not required.
  • statsd support built in.

Quick example



Ichabod utilizes webkit (from Qt) to render HTML and evaluate JavaScript, and mongoose to parse incoming requests and return responses. Other libraries are used for high-quality animated gif support.

Several excellent headless projects have previously blazed a trail:

Ichabod is free software/open source, and is distributed under the MIT license.

Ichabod was created, and is maintained, by:

Thanks to support from: