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Thomas Paine Thomas Paine National Historic Association Web Site (David Berton, 2015 - present)

sakura Button configuration for sakura (terminal emulator) David Berton (contributor) 2021-02

We Are Here To Win Why Monetate Engineering Succeeds By David Berton, Monetate Engineering Blog 2016-02

Ichabod Fast headless HTML rasterizer By David Berton 2015-06

qp A performance-boosting proxy for sharded MySQL databases By David Berton 2015-04

Getting The Problem Right By David Berton, 2014-09

Stale-While-Revalidate for CherryPy By David Berton, Monetate Engineering Blog 2014-08

Quoted in "From two employees to 220, in only six years" By Melissa DiPento, Fortune 2014-04

Review of Camdapter Hand Strap by Dave Berton, 2007-07

Asynchronous Database Access with Qt 4.x By David Berton, Linux Journal 2007-06

Advanced Video Coding on Linux Use H.264 to create high-quality, low-bitrate digital video with currently available tools on Linux. (x264) By David Berton, Linux Journal 2006-10

The Qt Designer IDE: Everything but the compiler By David Berton, Dr. Dobb's Journal 2004-09

Qt Designer: Code Generation and GUI Design By David Berton, C/C++ Users Journal 2004-07

C++ const Correctness By David Berton Linux Journal 2004-06

Clementine Window Manager (unmaintained)

Powerlifting program spreadsheets

Starting Strength
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